3D My Name Live Wallpaper Apk Download

3D My Live Wallpaper free and individual, and this app can be used as the live wallpaper as your home screen, and the screen is blocked. You can choose different kinds of paper for the printer and a variety of innovative ways with surprising and unusual effect on the screen. This animated wallpaper is compatible with any device or mobile telephone

With the help of this wonderful application you can put your name, important messages, the command name of your choice, a reminder or any other message you want to show on the screen with a very low resource consumption and very low battery usage.

3D My Name Live Wallpaper Apk Download

How to use (instructions for use):

– Change the text, the name or names to be displayed by clicking on the top of the main screen (using the pencil icon above) or in the list of
– Quickly and easily select the font type you prefer by double clicking on the Home screen or in the font menu.
– You can select the live wallpaper from the list of
You can configure the application later in the options list.

✅ Select a font.
Change your name, text or message that appears.
You can save the contents of the screen in the video format and add sound and audio messages. You can share videos with people who like to use the application WhatsApp.
Adjust the speed of the impact velocity 3D
L Select LWP


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