Opus Player – WhatsApp Audio Search and Organize Apk Download

The Apache player was born as a simple audio player in APS format but now it has grown a lot.
Like most audio players, you can play it in your file manager but not like others, you can output audio or native speakers or set iris (audio player audio view). ). This is useful if you do not have headphones.
Opus Player is compatible with most file providers on Google Play.
It also offers many features to manage your voice messages such as delete, share and organize which make it the best voice manager for WhatsApp voice memories.

Opus Player – WhatsApp Audio Search 

Warning: The app does not store voice notes. If you delete files from WhatsApp or File Manager, they will not be found through the app.


Share audio on Facebook: Opus Player is the only application that lets you share audio as a post on the status of Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Set audio output: You can convert audio to audio between standard multimedia speakers and speakers. Use WhatsApp when you have sensor problems.

Opus Player – WhatsApp Audio Search and Organize

Eat it with WhatsApp: When you listen to the audio message through launch, the sender won’t know you’ve heard about it. Just long-press on WhatsApp VNs, tap on the share button and select Opus Player.

Voice Note History WhatsApp: Autoplay records all received and sent voice messages and shows you in the date setting, allowing you to easily find old voice notes. And connect them to other applications.

Organize into sections: Create sections, names and photos and share all audio messages you want. After creating the section, you can filter the audio notes that only show the owners of one or more sections. Additionally, you can delete all audio notes in the section with just one click.

Voice Note: You can rename each voice message without having to worry about back-up WhatsApp compatibility: the name appears in the ops player without editing the file, so you can play it on WhatsApp during the game. Avoid Common Chat Chat Lounge Problems.

Text notes in text: You can attach text to each viewpoint text, to summarize audio content or sender notes.

Select the option: You can select multiple voice messages at a time, and you can perform different actions on it:
– All right
Add to section
– Choose an image
Configure text memory

Folder Note: You can specify the folder that Opus Player can search for .opus files. You can also select the Telegram folder (Telegram. Telegram Audio). Just remember to select “Select Ogg File”, since it doesn’t have the same name as Hops, it uses the .ogg extension instead of .opus and “uses file history”.

Why Download Opus Player:

– It saves you time when you have to look for old voice messages;
– Listen to audio notes received directly from the app, WhatsApp will not be reported and blue tricks will not be displayed;
– You can share audio messages on real social networks: Create Facebook and Twitter posts, share WhatsApp status and Instagram stories.

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